Spiderman with mask off in front of a puerto rican flag
Spiderman with mask off in front of a puerto rican flag

Spider-Man Miles Morales: PS5 gets Latino Spidey!

Our favorite version of Spiderman, the Latino one is coming to a PlayStation 5 near you, or around you, whenever you can out-click the Yeezy snatching robots to finally get you a console. We’re loving the fact that not just a Latino Spiderman, who you might know from the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie, but also his adorable mom will make it into this new and totally awesome, super Latino diversity celebration of a video game!.

The highly anticipated and impossible to get a hold of PlayStation 5 is out and it comes with a killer new Marvel game. Spider-Man: Miles Morales. While most of us are wondering, “is Spider-Man Miles Morales on ps4?” well the answer is it absolutely is, so if you missed the Spiderman Miles Morales pre-order, and you missed the Spider-Man: Miles Morales release date buzz, then you don’t have to wait to get a PS5 to play.

This game was chosen to be one of the first feature releases with the PS5 because it showcases the new graphics and capabilities of this new gaming machine. Mentored by Peter Parker, Miles Morales a teenager from Harlem in New York is forced to take on the responsibility of becoming Marvel’s most cherished hero. We’re glad to see the streets of New York getting love. Vampires vs. The Bronx made the city the backdrop for an epic showdown, and this game gives us a Latino hero we can all root for.

The game lets you hang out with the standout, and diverse cast, just like the Vampires vs. The Bronx cast. You can interact with Miles Morales, Rio Morales the mother of Miles, Peter Parker, Miles’s mentor, and the original Spiderman, and of course Ganke Lee the sidekick and comic relief.

Because it’s on the PS5 when you play you can experience stunning 4k and HDR visuals, lightning-fast loading, you can play with the new DualSense adaptive triggers and as far as sensory experience the Haptic feedback on the controllers paired with the Tempest 3d AudioTech, which gives you a 3d audio experience with compatible headphones, lets you live every part of the Spidey experience minus the smell. Good right?

I don’t know how spiders smell, but I’m good without the experience of smelling teenagers or New York to be honest.

If you happen to get your hands on a ps5, give us a holler and let us know how it feels to play the game. We’ve seen some pretty funny glitches, so if you don’t get the game right away you’ll probably be in time to see some of the glitches fixed with an upgrade.

Here’s how Latino this game is… it’s absolutely beautiful.



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