Spanish Trans Icon TV Series Breaks Viewing Records

When the vedette was “discovered” by the late-night 90’s show, “Esta Noche Cruzamos el Mississippi”, she was the first TV personality to introduce trans culture to living rooms across Spain, and consequently became the trans activist icon who paved the way for the trans community in ’90s Spanish culture.

30 years later, HBO Max has released a TV series in the US about the charismatic vedette, and even Spain’s Vice President tweeted about it: “Last night I finished watching ‘Veneno,’” Pablo Iglesias, third in line for the presidency, tweeted last month. “It makes you cry, laugh, remember, empathize, but above all, it makes you understand the brutal pain that has been and continues to be inflicted on trans people, simply for being themselves.”

Isabel Torres, who plays modern-day Cristina, described the show as “so important that it will mark a before-and-after on television wherever it’s broadcast — whether in South America, in North America or on the other side of the world, in Australia. Wherever it is broadcast, this series will stir many consciences.”

La Veneno is played by three trans actresses: Jedet at a young age, Daniela Santiago at the peak of her fame, and Isabel Torres in the years leading up to Ortiz’s death in 2016.



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