Spanish Artist Okuda Changes Art Game Forever

Spanish artist Okuda, aka Oscar San Miguel, was born in Santander, Spain and currently resides in Madrid. Okuda’s work cannot be classified easily, but you can say it has elements of pop surrealism with a strong fabric of street art attitude. His artwork is composed of geometric prints and multicolored ephemeral architectures that contrast everyday urban imposition. These pieces of artwork often raise questions and contradictions about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, and the false freedom of capitalism.

Okuda began his career as a street artist by painting in old factories and lost railways in 1996. Since 1997 his works have been recognized on roads and factories in Santander. By 2009, his work hit a major point in his career. He had an opportunity to tour with IAM project doing gallery shows in New York City, Berlin, London, and Paris that helped him obtain new and more mature audiences. His work also had a more personal emotion.

Okuda is inspired by surrealism art, pop art, and even different culture the come across with throughout his travels. He is also inspired by films that are created by Jodorowsky, Michael Gondry, Leos Carax, and Terry Guilliam to name a few. He is also often inspired by his environment, the people around him, cinema, fashion, music, traveling, and his everyday life.

Click on the interview below to see what Okuda has to say about his exploding career, the Madrid art scene, and his infatuation with bright colors as he joins LATV’s Humberto Guida.



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