Soho Karen “Can’t Be Racist Because She’s Puerto Rican”

The woman known as “Soho Karen” due to her Karen-like episode in which she practically tackled a 14 year old African-American boy whom she believed had stolen her phone, is making more headlines by proclaiming she is incapable of being a racist because she is “a woman of color.” Miya Ponsetto has not only found herself in the spotlight for her manic, presumptuous behavior in accusing and then physically accosting the young man who she suspected of phone jacking, she has also insisted on remaining in the media with subsequent head-scratching comments, like the fact that she still believes the boy who was proven innocent stole her phone (it actually turned up in the hotel lobby where she probably left it), and then there’s statement that her Puerto Rican heritage excuses her from assuming the nearest Black person stole her property, even if they had just stepped out of the elevator.

Now, what is compelling about Miya is that I have rarely seen someone so ready, willing and able to handle bad publicity. If I was her I’d lay low for a while. Miya on the other hand is not only facing her detractions, she is leaning into them. She had zero nerves in her hilariously contentious interview with America’s favorite aunt, Gayle King. First off, she wore a hat with the word “Daddy” on it (despite her attorney pleading with her to take it off before the interview, to which she refused). And she even had the audacity to give Gayle the hand and say, “enough.” Woah Miya, that’s Oprah’s best buddy there…I have a feeling this chick is going to get a reality show soon. She is bombastic, delusional, confrontational, angry, not camera shy at all, and completely convinced she is superior to us all, evidenced by the fact she uses the word “inferior” when discussing how she makes others feel.

The year 2020 gave us a lot to chew on, from COVID to protests to a presidential election that will go down in infamy, but it also gave another phenomenon – the dreaded Karen. Typically, a Karen is known as an entitled, self-righteous White woman who wants to speak to the manager. But with Miya, Latinas are getting in on the action.

Now, the question is whether a Latina and self-described “woman of color” can be labeled as racist. There is that woke notion that people of color cannot be racist because of power structure dynamics. But what about Brown on Black prejudice? is it time we have that conversation? I think so. But I’ll leave it here for now and figure out the best way to handle what is sure to be a delicate discussion.

In the meantime watch out for Soho Karen, aka Miya Ponsetto. I have a feeling she is not going anywhere anytime soon.



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