Social Distancing Won’t Stop Latinos from Dancing

Passion and rhythm run through Latinx’s veins, and they won’t be tamed during COVID-19 – even if it means a few extra precautions.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to modify our daily routines and hobbies, but despite the new norm, life must go on. With some establishments reopening and lockdown orders lifting, people are getting out to do what they love – with some adjustments, that is. You can take the dancers out of the clubs, but you can’t take the salsa out of the salseros. 

A video that recently went viral shows how Madrid’s salsa scene is finding new hope with the efforts of a veteran salsero who goes by Juan Diego Madrid Timbera on YouTube.

Juan Diego went out to the streets to find people who would dance with him using jump-rope-like strings to stay 6 feet away. After asking many women walking by, he finally found one that stayed through the whole song. 

Dancing to the rhythm of salsa Cubana, the dancers showcase their best steps thanks to this ingenious new accessory. 

So, if you’re a dance fanatic, now you know how to keep dancing while keeping risk low. Just remember, the use of masks and hand sanitizer, among other containment measures, will have to be followed in order to avoid spreading the virus.

Stay happy and healthy out there!



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