Social Credit System of China Features Ringtone of Shame

The Chinese government is putting on full display what happens when big brother gets to pick your cell phone ring. Introducing the Chic Com ring of shame.  A court in eastern China recently introduced a shaming ringtone to embarrass people with large debts and pressure them to pay the money they owe. The Guanyun County People’s Court teamed up with a local telecommunication operator to design a special ringtone for locals who fall behind on their payments.

If anyone calls the debtor, the ringtone tells the caller: “The subscriber you are calling has been put on a blacklist by the Guanyun County Court for failing to repay their debts. Please urge the person to fulfill his legal obligations. The Guanyun County People’s Court appreciates your support. Thank you!”

Can you imagine if we did this in the U.S.? Everyone is in debt. We would all have the ring of shame!

Maybe debt consolidation companies can but the ring rights to cell phones for anyone with a credit core under 500. Every time your phone rings it can remind you that debt consolidation is an option for anyone over 10,000 in credit card debt. By the way, this segment was brought to you by the debt consolidators of the world. Namaste.



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