Snoop Dogg with ballots
Snoop Dogg with ballots

Register to vote! Snoop Dogg Wants You to Drop the Ballot Like it’s Hot

Celebrities are making a strong push to register to vote and get voters to the polls this year. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez with vote like a madre, recent Tik Tok star Doggface208, and even dating apps are doing their part. Now, the hip hop legend from Long Beach, Snoop Dogg, is entering the ring.

The west coast icon has stayed active this year by helping donate over 1 million vegan burgers and giving us the long-awaited Banda MS collab. Now, with the election approaching, 2020 will mark the first election the rapper has ever voted in.

After being fed up with the current administration and doing a little bit of research, Snoop is making his way to the polls. In a recent ad that’s blowing up online, the artist lent his hit song “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in order to make the illest voter spot this election year or any other.

You can do your part too by visiting iwillvote.com linked above or usa.gov/how-to-vote to find out how you can get involved in the upcoming election. When you pull up to the polls, be sure to tell them Snoop Dogg sent ya.

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