Snoop Dogg Confirms Banda MS Collaboration!

We’re at a code red full Latin takeover in music because it looks like banda music is about to cross over in a huge way. During the Addams Family movie premiere, rapper Snoop Dogg, you know the dude to dizzles rizzles on the for shizzles, confirmed that he would be collaborating with Banda Ms.

During his interview with El Gordo y La Flaca, he told the reporter,

“Me and Banda MS have talked, we’re gonna go in the studio and make some music, and it’s gonna happen soon.”

Though in the past Snoop mentioned being into the late Jenny Rivera’s music, it’s uncertain how he made such a strong connection to Banda MS… in all likelihood there’s so many members of Banda MS, that there’s actually a statistic possibility Snoop Dogg was in the band all along and only just found that out. We can’t wait to hear this class which will make El Quebradito, this years Despacito!

Are you going to bump this bop?



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