Smithsonian Museum of Natural history.
Smithsonian Museum of Natural history.

Smithsonian National Latino Museum Approved by House

The history of Latinx people in the United States will now be recognized by a National Museum.

On Monday, July 27th, 2020, the US House of Representatives passed The National Museum of the American Latino Act, which will create a Smithsonian Museum dedicated to American Latino history. The Smithsonian Institute is the largest group of museums in the world with top experts in research and preservation of their respective studies.

With bipartisan support, the bill will now head to the Senate for approval, and then to the President’s desk for signature. The formation of the museum will include Latinx History next to other institutions such as the African American History Museum and other iconic landmarks in the National Mall. Exhibits will feature important cultural contributions made by Latinx people like the late author Rudolfo Anaya, or learning about cultural movements like the lives of Cuban refugees.

To learn more about the significance of an American Latino History Museum, check out our interview with Francella Chi De Chinchilla. She’s with the Friends of the American Latino Museum, an organization that has been advocating for this exact museum since 1994.



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