“Smart Forest Cities” Are The Cities of the Future

If we want nature and  wildlife to be thriving while our great-grandkids are living, climate change can not be ignored. Luckily, the architecture firm ‘Stefano Boeri Architetti’ based in Milan, with the help of the German company Transsolar, has been working on sustainable urban planning and recently unveiled some mind-blowing designs for a nature-inspired “smart city” in Cancun, Mexico.

The project has been created for Honduras-based property developer Grupo Karim. The smart city would reforest a 557-hectare sand quarry with the hope of being completely food and energy self-sufficient. Sounds like a dream, right?

The Smart Forest City in Cancun would have a capacity for 130,000 residents and 7,500,000 plants of 400 different species, creating a ratio of 2.3 trees per inhabitant.

Traditional vehicles would be kept out of the city and a MIC (Mobility in Chain) system would provide electric vehicles to transport residents and tourists throughout the area. The city will be surrounded by a large solar panel array that will meet (and even exceed) the residents energy needs.

What do you think – would you live in this “smart city?” Let us know in the comments below…

Photo by Stefano Boeri Architetti Firm

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