Short Film Takes Viewers Inside World of Ayahuasca

A curious young man in search of a spiritual transformation arrives to his first ayahuasca ceremony. He feels out of place, awkward. It does not go as planned. That’s the premise of a new short film I had the opportunity to write and co-direct with Mark Kohl. It stars LATV’s own Bruno Seros-Ulloa, and aired on a LatiNation short film special. The film came to fruition after a years long journey with what us ayahuasca drinkers refer to simply as “the medicine.” For me, and many others, this ancient South American brew, a combination of the ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaves, is sacred. For us, the medicine, drank in ceremony led by a shaman, is a pathway toward a higher state of consciousness, profound healing, and greater spiritual awareness.

But, as holy and sacrosanct as this ritual is, the trendiness of the practice (particularly in Los Angeles), the quirkiness of the situation (it’s not like your usual get together), and the array of eccentric, adventurous, and occasionally pretentious characters you find at these ayahuasca ceremonies are not beyond a little reproach, and we found a way to have fun with all that, while still respecting the medicine itself.  Some of these conversations within the ayahuasca community have even been brewing on Reddit.

So check it out. It’s our short film about the medicine, and what it might be like to stumble into a ceremony for the first time. It’s called Aho.



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