Black Lab in house
Black Lab in house

Shelter Owner in Mexico Houses 300 Dogs from Hurricane

To say that Ricardo Pimentel loves animals is an understatement.

The founder of the shelter Tierra de Animales has been taking in dogs and other rescue animals for over 9 years. When the recent Hurricane Delta threatened the shelter as it approached the Yucatán Peninsula, he showed his love for rescues ten-fold by turning his own house into a modern day “Noah’s Ark” for over 300 dogs.

Just look at all these good boys running around!

The storm kept Ricardo busy as he prepped the shelter for potential damage and worked to keep his lights on, all while making sure the animals were properly fed. Luckily, the pictures he posted online gained traction and donations started to pour in. His house may have been a trainwreck, but the important thing was that all of the animals were safe.

Founded in 2011, the shelter is located on the outskirts of Cancun and has over 4 hectares of land that over 500 animals call home. Tierra de Animales focuses on rehabilitating and raising awareness for the ethical treatment of animals. Go Ricardo!



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