Selena’s Natural Curly Hair is Our Latest Obsession

Did Selena Quintanilla have naturally curly hair, or is it just a rumor? What’s your take on it?

Not only was the Texan singer incredibly talented, but she also had a unique style that — to this day — lives in our hearts. But what many fans, media, movies, and #allthethings fail to mention is how much Selena loved (and flaunted) her natural curls. Mind you, she was proudly sporting her rizos – and this was during a time when textured hair was still known as “bad hair.” Of course, today, that “pelo malo” stigma has changed, and girls with curly hair have created a revolution – and let me tell you, it is a mood! 

Recently, Netflix announced a new series about the life of the Queen of Tex Mex. In several images of the trailer for the series, the Mexican-American artist appears with her natural curls. Selena fans rekindled the conversation about the singer’s natural hair. 

While some fans on Twitter say it was a perm, which was used a lot at that time, others have brought to light several unpublished images that show Selena’s style as completely natural. Take a look at the pics and let us know what you think!

Baby Face!

Selena and her family. Always hard at work! Selena The Series Focussed on her curly hair phase. That’s why people were asking, did Selena have curly hair?

Serving looks and curls since the 80s.

With Luis Miguel

We can [almost] swear this is Selena!

The series on Netflix did a great job telling the story of her whole family including her sister Suzette Quintanilla. Netflix is capitalizing on Selena’s fame, but also releasing other new series such as Fate: The Winx Saga  and now the release of Death to 2020 !



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