selena quintanilla, style, selena style
selena quintanilla, style, selena style

Selena’s Fashion Trends are Back and We’re Loving Them

Selena has been the talk of the town since her new collection with MAC Cosmetics inspired by her legacy was launched as well as the announcement of the brand new Netflix series coming this December. From the red lipstick to the “ bustiers” to tight leather and transparencies, Selena has been the queen of style for over 25 years, besides being the Queen of Tex Mex.

Julie Ramírez, her costume designer and close friend, made sure to maintain strong variety within her looks, and certain styles have resonated with many women around the world since the 1990s.

The dramatic ruffles, the leather outfits, the high-waisted denim jeans, the sequins everywhere, the bracelets, her low necklines – most of these you can see back in 2020. 

Let’s take a quick look back at some of our favorites and how they are making a strong comeback – and some of the style lessons that live on through Selena’s legacy.

Red lips + hoop earrings:

Selena Quintanilla was not afraid to wear strong colors on her lips. Red was one of her favorites! Intense and vibrant lipstick tones in shades of red, outlined with a darker color highlighting her plump lips were the key to her makeup.

The purple jumpsuit: 

We can’t leave behind the most emblematic of Selena’s costumes, the purple jumpsuit, which she wore in her last concert. This purple one-piece is a look that comes back every year for Halloween!

selena: the series

High waisted mom jeans:

Selena was an expert at wearing the jeans that stood out in the nineties, those that reached to the waist and marked a straight silhouette. Yup. The boys are not too happy about them, but us ladies think they’re super comfortable. Selena’s favorite way to combine them was with tight tops or white t-shirts.

Oversized: Selena loved the oversized silhouette, a definitive trend of 2020. The singer wore it in jackets in bright shades, or in its most classic version of black – and she combined them with elegant bras decorated with striking designs.

Boleros: Other icons of the nineties like her and Princess Diana popularized this look, and it’s so flattering! It’s been all over our social feeds, even if it’s on Tik Tok videos made from home.

Transparencies + Bustiers:

One of the best outfits for Selena Quintanilla. A transparent top with a velvet bra. Simple, but so chic!

Before she became the Queen of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla was a young girl from Texas with big dreams and an even bigger voice. She had an amazing story and an unbelievably tragic ending. The story is about to be told on a Netflix new series you don’t want to miss.

Long live Selena!



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