selena quintanilla
selena quintanilla

Selena’s Family and Netflix Facing Lawsuit

Just a few days prior to the release of the very anticipated Netflix series, “Selena”, the family of the Tejana legend and Netflix are facing a 1 million dollar lawsuit. According to documents obtained by E! News, Selena producer Moctesuma Esparza, filed a lawsuit in which he claims that Abraham signed a contract agreeing to give him the rights to the life stories of the Tejana singer in 1995.

Moctesuma goes on to claim in the suit that he, Suzette and Abraham discussed the creation of a series based on Selena’s early life in 1998. It was a follow-up to the biopic starring Jennifer Lopez. However, their plans never came to fruition.

According to an LA Times interview, Moctesuma and the family instead came to an “informal agreement” that the Quintanillas would have final approval on the script, while Moctesuma fully managed the production side of things.

Moctesuma asserts in his lawsuit, however, that the issue of the rights to Selena’s life stories came back up in 1998, at which point they formalized their agreement.

Time and a judge will ultimately determine who’s right. In the meantime, enjoy the show premiering on Netflix December 4th!



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