Selena singing side by side
Selena singing side by side

Selena: The Series Official Trailer Finally Released!

The Selena: The Series trailer for the Netflix show premiering December 4th just hit the internet and ay, como me duele having to wait till then to live my best Quintanilla life! Finally, Selena Netflix trailer is out! We trust Netflix to get the story right because they’ve done a killer job telling Latino stories, just look at the Vampires vs. The Bronx cast.

The trailer starts on an emotional note as Selena is catching fireflies in a jar and her father Abraham Quintanilla (Ricardo Chavatia) catches her singing. I’m not going to lie the trailer is emotional AF, and the series looks like it will span Selena’s childhood and rise to fame while emphasizing her drive and the support of her family. We can’t wait to see each and every episode like 500 times, and on an important note for those wondering… yes, Selena the series actress Christian Serratos has all the iconic Selena dance moves down. I cannot wait to see! Let us know what you think of the trailer and the series!

We got to interview Madison Taylor Baez who plays young Selena and is sure to be the breakout star of the series. 




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