selena the series
selena the series

Selena The Series is Number 1 on Netflix in the USA

Just 3 days after its world premiere, Selena: The Series surprised everyone by claiming the top spot and becoming one of the most watched shows on Netflix in the USA, showing once more, that Latino voices cannot and will not be ignored.

Despite some nasty tweets about the bad lip syncing by Christian Serratos, the show fared pretty well – not only in the USA where it ranks number 1, but worldwide too where it ranks number 7! What does this tell us? Well, first and most importantly, that Latinos have a voice (not just musically speaking, like the protagonist of the show, who definitely had an amazing one) and massive buying power.

This should be an eye opener to many of those in the “general market” who have been ignoring our existence despite accounting for about 60 million according to the US Census.

The series portrays The Quintanilla family from their times before becoming famous.  Abraham (Selena’s father) as the ruler of his family , one who has an iron fist especially with his daughters, Selena (Christian Serratos) and Suzette (Noemi Gonzalez). When Suzette starts to date, her suitor calls up Abraham to ask if she can see a movie, with everyone just being happy Abraham likes the guy. When Selena meets Chris Perez (Jesse Posey), the man who would eventually become her husband, Abraham blows a gasket. Yet when Selena’s brother A.B. (Gabriel Chavarria) meets a woman who he presumably marries and has children with, no one bats an eye. Very conservative on his part…

Let’s keep doing shows about Latinos by Latinos! And in case you missed it, here’s Noemi Gonzalez (Suzette Quintanilla) and our very own AK Spice discussing the series.



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