Selena: The Series Celebrates Iconic Singer Jody Watley

Iconic singer Jody Watley is celebrated prominently in “Selena: The Series” on Netflix.

There is a dinner table scene in “Selena: The Series” where the young singer and her dad discuss an upcoming performance in Mexico. This will be Selena’s first time there, and the set list has to be right. “I wanna do the new Jody Watley song,” she tells her dad. He quickly rejects the idea of an English-language song. “I’m Mexican and American, right?” Selena asks. “You want me to be only half of who I am?” Watley’s mega-hit, “Looking for a New Love,” the song Selena wants to debut in Mexico, is featured in the series.

Jody Watley was a member of the group Shalamar for six years before going solo. Her self-titled debut album released in 1987 produced mega-hit singles and launched her into superstardom. Watley’s second album in 1989 continued the beloved singer’s incredible global success.

Watley says she was made aware of Selena’s affinity for her ’80s hits through social media, when a fan tagged her in Selena’s performance of “Looking For a New Love.”  Watley was familiar with Selena before her untimely death and says her interest was piqued by the young singer’s talent.

“We had Gloria Estefan. But I could tell Selena was gonna be huge just right off the bat. She had that shine, even just looking at a picture and reading an article,” Watley remembers. “When the tragedy struck, I cried like I knew her. It really got me.”

Watley is also a celebrated songwriter. She is the co-writer of “Looking for a New Love,” and “Don’t You Want Me,” featured in the series.

The Grammy-winning trendsetting pioneer in music, video, fashion and style is ranked as one of the top female artists of all time by Billboard magazine. She continues to thrive and deliver a consistent body of incredible work. And, inspired by her inclusion in the Netflix series, Watley is considering doing her own Selena cover.



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