scotty from star trek and an urn in space
scotty from star trek and an urn in space

Ashes of Scotty from Star Trek Smuggled onto Space Station

Star Trek’s Scotty will “rest in space” for eternity thanks to Richard Garriott who smuggled the actor’s ashes onto the International Space Station (ISS). In 2005 James Doohan who played chief engineer Montgomery Scott AKA Scotty passed away and one of his final wishes was to have his ashes taken to the space station. 

Civilian space tourist Richard Garriott actually made good on his request when he made a trip to the ISS and spread the actor’s ashes and a laminated picture of the actor under the floor of the space station. The act was kept secret for years since his ashes made it to the station in 2008, but the details just came to light and the family of Doohan couldn’t be more grateful. 

Rest in space Scotty!



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