Ritchie Torres poses for picture in the Bronx
Ritchie Torres poses for picture in the Bronx

Ritchie Torres Makes History as First Gay Afro Latino in Congress

The Bronx native will assume office on Jan. 3rd, 2020.

It’s as we’ve been saying all along leading up to the elections, votar es poder, and that showed when Ritchie Torres won his congressional race in New York’s 15th district. With his win, Torres becomes the first openly gay Afro Latino congressman in the country. He, alongside Mondaire Jones of New York’s 17th district, become the first openly gay Black men to join Congress.

Torres is a New Yorker to the bone. He was raised in the East Bronx by his Puerto Rican father and African American mother. Growing up, Torres faced much adversity such as health complications from poor conditions in public housing. These experiences would spur his desire to make a difference in his community through civil service. Later, he would attend NYU before dropping out due to severe depression, a cause that he continues to advocate for. At only 25 years old, he won the race to become councilmember of his district, becoming both the youngest and first openly gay official in the city. He ran his most recent campaign with a focus on issues like affordable housing, mental health, and police reform.

Watch his reaction as the results began to come in with the good news.



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