Rihanna & Jack Dorsey Give $4.2m to Domestic Violence Fund

Dorsey has done it again, with some help this time around. Last Thursday after donating a billion dollars of his own money to coronavirus relief, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and pop sensation Rihanna established a grant worth $4.2 million via Rihanna’s Foundation, The Clara Lionel Foundation, to help victims of domestic violence in Los Angeles who have been gravely affected by the shelter-at-home orders in LA County.

The Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF) announced that the initiative, which is split between two $2.1 million grants from Rihanna and Dorsey, was set up to address the issue of domestic violence now that everyone has been forced to stay home due to the emergency regulations put in place since COVID-19 began rapidly spreading.

The money donated will provide approximately ten weeks of support for victims of domestic violence and their children in the LA area. About 90 people per week, usually with children, are turned away since the order was issued by Mayor Eric Garcetti, which means they’ve had to return home to potentially life threatening situations.

“At approximately $125 per day, the grant will cover housing and food for 90 domestic violence victims per week, with an additional 90 victims every week thereafter for 10 weeks,” said the Los Angeles Housing Authority.

The CLF, established by Rihanna in 2012, will also be donating approximately $5 million to coronavirus relief efforts.

One of the best things you can do to help as well is to just stay home.





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