casa flores plus cast
casa flores plus cast

REVIEW: La Casa de Las Flores Season 2

After the unexpected and great success of Casa de las Flores last year, all the fans of this dysfunctional, yet charming, family couldn’t wait to see season 2.

But they seemed a bit disappointed with the outcome. Even though this season has its twists and turns, the plot turned out to be not as engaging as the first one.

Probably the absence of the matriarch, Virginia de la Mora has a lot to do with it, since it left the family without that backbone that held “los de la Mora” together. Aside from not having Virginia, the introduction of other characters felt a bit forced and distracting from the ones we had loved from the first one. Claudio or Lucía have a secondary role in this season, and Carmelita appeared almost as a glorified extra. Instead we now have Jenny Quetzal, the cult leader, a stranged Catalan boyfriend, a sister who seems in love with her transgender sister, and a sex addict priest stirred the boat into too many different directions that left the audience swimming in confused waters. It became difficult to tell  what the story was about anymore. The two characters that probably steal the show this season are Diego and Maria José who kept loyal to their essence.
But aside from that, we have to say that the show still keeps that addictive component that makes you binge watch it in a heartbeat with an ending that definitely leaves you longing for season 3. Beautiful and fun to watch, you will still enjoy the show even if you didn’t like it as much as the first one, so give it a try!



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