vote, latinx vote, register to vote, 2020 elections
vote, latinx vote, register to vote, 2020 elections

Five Reasons Why You Should Register to Vote ASAP!

Today is National Voter Registration Day. In case you missed the memo, everyone — especially the Latinx community — is advocating for voting rights today and la lucha is about to get stronger in the next few weeks until election day in November. It is a crucial time for Latinos to be involved and tell our friends and family why they should vote too. 

If you have the chance to vote in this year’s election, make sure you do – and to give you a jump start, we’re sharing some key points provided by our friends at Voto Latino to keep in mind while you spread the word…

-Vote for your future. Worried about climate change? Thinking about how you’ll pay off your student loans? Hoping you’ll have health insurance when you need it? Vote for leaders that are committed to solving these problems for you and for future generations.

-Vote for your community. Latinx communities tend to face particularly challenging issues: racial profiling by law enforcement, gentrification and housing affordability, unsafe workplaces, segregated public schools, immigration raids. These issues will only be addressed equitably when Latinx voices are at the table. That means turning out to vote, and supporting candidates who understand the community and the issues we face.

-Vote for those who can’t. Most of us know someone whose immigration status doesn’t allow them to vote. But they still deserve a voice in our government. If you are eligible to vote, vote for those who can’t, but still need leaders who care about them.

-Vote for progress in this country. 2020 has been a hard year for many of us. Police brutality is an issue that threatens the livelihood of the Black, Afro-Latinx, and Latinx communities, and COVID-19 has disproportionately affected our communities all because of poor leadership. Now more than ever, we need to elect officials who care about our health, safety, and well-being.

-Because if you don’t, others will. Maybe you’re not that into politics, but guess what? Your boss is. Your landlord is. Your insurance company is. And every day they’re using political power to keep your pay low, raise your rent, and deny you coverage. When you don’t vote, decisions will get made that affect you, but you won’t have a say in them.

Some of us Latinos have the chance to vote for our immigrant family, or loved ones who came before us in order to give us a better quality of life. 

I just became a U.S. citizen two years ago, and I can tell you I’m extremely excited to be able to exercise my right to vote in the polls this year. I want true democracy, and I want a fair President who will stand up for our community. Don’t you?

Find out how to register to vote in your state by clicking right here.

Remember – election day is Nov. 3!

Registration deadlines:

Online: Oct. 19

By mail: Postmarked by Oct. 19

In person: Nov. 3

Absentee ballot deadlines:

Request: Oct. 27

Return by mail: Postmarked by Nov. 3

Return in person: Nov. 3 by 8:00 p.m.

Early voting:

Oct. 5 – Nov. 2, but dates and hours may vary based on where you live

Additional information:

You can also register and vote on Election Day.

Conditional voter registration is a safety net for Californians who miss the deadline to register to vote or update their voter registration information. Voters can use the conditional voter registration process from the day after the deadline all the way through Election Day. Eligible citizens can go to their county election office, polling place, or vote center to register and vote conditionally. These ballots will be processed once the county elections office has completed the voter registration verification process.



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