eric garcetti
eric garcetti

Quarantine Order Extended to May 15th in Los Angeles

Well, it looks like you’ll have more time to master that TikTok dance that is still somehow impossible to get right – Los Angeles County has officially extended the quarantine order from April 19th to May 15th – which also means more Houseparty happy hours!

LA County’s public health director, Barbara Ferrer, made the announcement during a local press conference on Friday. The initiative has so far shut down beaches, parks and hiking trails, and has limited movement from your home to essential places like the grocery store or doctor.

It has now also been mandated that everyone must wear a mask when out in public to help prevent the spread of any viral particles being emitted from the mouth or nose. Many places around LA that are normally packed with people have become a dystopian scene, as this is truly an unprecedented time.

As always, please support any local spots that offer a pickup or delivery option – small businesses need the love! For fantastic line caught fish complete with kits for preparations like ceviche and curry, check out the contactless pickup option at Dudley Market Venice.

Stay safe, support local, and let us know how you’re staying sane in the comments below!

See how LA is looking to feed those who rely on LAUSD for meals.



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