Pregnancy Announcements and Birthday Love

Here’s what happened in the entertainment world last week. 

While Natti Natasha celebrated her birthday on December 10, her fandom on Twitter took over trendy lists to congratulate her, even sharing some of her baby pictures. The “Sin Pijama” singer turned 34 and is celebrating as the hard worker that she is on the set of a music video. 

happy birthday Natti Natasha

Speaking of birthdays and babies, we are drooling over Christina Milian’s baby announcement. The Latinx actress and singer of Cuban descent is having baby number three with her hubby Matt Pokora. 

Hold on, I think we see a COVID baby boom happening right before our eyes…

Model and singer Cassie also announced she’s pregnant with baby número dos with her husband, bull-rider and fitness trainer, Alex Fine. The couple’s relationship evolved promptly after Cassie’s breakup with P. Diddy, whom she dated for over a decade until 2018.

Cassie’s first baby was born in December of 2019, and a year later, she is announcing her second pregnancy. 

Congratulations to all who are expecting. We’ll be expecting more pregnancy announcements in the weeks to come!



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