Positive News During Earth Week

Mi gente – it’s Earth Week!

The week covers the 50th celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, and Arbor Day on the 24th. Many have called for these events to be stretched out in order to bring awareness to the importance of environmental conservation. Because there are so many stories on how humanity harms nature, we wanted to highlight some positive stories happening right now in the great outdoors.

From the Persian Gulf to Balboa Island near Newport Beach, CA, photographers were able to capture bioluminescence emitted from plankton.

With everyone staying inside, a pride of Lions decided to take a nap in the middle of the road.

Air pollution has significantly dropped since the beginning of the year as people went into quarantine. Large cities are seeing a short, but welcome return to clear skies.

A court ruling banned imports on seafood captured by nets that nearly made the Vaquita dolphin extinct.

These goats in Llandudno, UK claimed their turf and ravaged the town.

In the quest to save the planet’s coral reefs, scientists were successfully able to reproduce a ridged coral species in a lab!

Photographer Kim Wolhuter is isolating with his family on a wildlife reserve in Zimbabwe. He often captures incredible footage of him interacting with the wildlife.

We hope you have a great Earth Week! Let us know how you are doing your part to help the planet in the comments below…




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