PPE mask with Joe Exotic, Goku, Elsa, and more
PPE mask with Joe Exotic, Goku, Elsa, and more

Pop Culture Themed Face Shields Pop Up in Mexico

Protect yourself by becoming famous…?

Ever since coronavirus became a household name, personal protective equipment (or PPE) has been difficult to obtain. Many people have resorted to making their own equipment, like gloves and face masks. However, these protective measures soon became a double-edged sword as defense against the virus has subsequently led to personal concealment and loss of identity.

This has been the hardest hit for the influencer community since Vine was taken off the market. Advertisers became unsure if they were working with their clients, or a rogue internet group that swindles people via Twitter. Sure, they may be in their recognizable house, with their now-famous purse dog, promoting the same “Tummy Tea” that claims to cleanse your spirit and boost your sex drive. Everything is the same, except that their mouth is covered, making it impossible to tell if it’s REALLY them.

With their business model swept away seemingly overnight, influencers have little hope of reintegrating into society. The only choice many are left with is to become someone else entirely. To take on an already established, more important identity that makes clout chasing a thing of the past.

Scholars in Mexico City have provided a solution in the way of face shields featuring prominent figures in pop culture. COVID-19 protection has become transformational – literally. The talent of Selena, the strength of Goku, and the sassy attitude of Peppa Pig have officially been democratized. Introducing…

An anti-capitalist message and a spiritual awakening.

The many people quarantined during the pandemic that have used the extra time to better themselves can instead be someone else. Existential dread of life during the coronavirus is instantly replaced with fairy tales that help you escape, such as Joe Exotic feeding his tigers, or Sonic collecting golden rings. This marks the beginning of the transcendental process known as “ego death,” without the need of psychedelics or even expertise in Jungian psychology.

With the removal of “self,” one can truly connect with other beings. Not only do these celebrity themed masks protect against the virus, but they are also society’s best chance at world peace. Human suffering at large has effectively diminished thanks to these great philosophers from Mexico City.

Coming soon to a Hot Topic near you.

Check out our very own Humberto Guida as he talks comedy and coronavirus with Francisco Ramos…



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