Oscars Predictions 2020

And it’s that time of year again that movie lovers enjoy most. If you are doing a ballot with your friends, this is a guide that could help you win those $$$:

Best Picture: This category is really down to 1917 or Parasite. But, I’d put my money on 1917. Parasite will be a similar situation as Roma last year, in that it will win best foreign picture, but not best picture simply because Hollywood is still too closed-minded to vote for a foreign movie with subtitles. There might be a slight chance that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood wins.

Best Director: Sam Mendes, no doubt. Directing a war movie in a single shot is probably one of the most challenging things ever.

Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix for Joker. Very well-deserved in my opinion. Yes, Adam Driver gave us a compelling performance in Marriage Story but Joaquin Phoenix made you feel for a historic villain in a way no one else has made us feel

Best Actress: That for me is between Renee Zellweger or Scarlett Johansson. Probably Renee.

Best Supporting Actor: Brad Pitt for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He should also win another Oscar for best speeches at award ceremonies.

Best Supporting Actress: Laura Dern for Marriage Story. 

Best Original Screenplay: In my opinion, Knives Out should win. I didn’t love the outcome of the movie or how it was directed, but I thought the script was brilliant. However, you’ll have a better chance with Parasite or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Joker would be my pick. JoJo Rabbit could also win since it won the WGA and BAFTA trophies.

Best Animated Feature Film: Klaus should win without a doubt and could win since it won the BAFTAS and 7 out of 7 Annie’s. The problem is that it’s competing with Toy Story 4, and people who vote at the Oscars might choose the iconic franchise for posterity as opposed to this amazing, ground-breaking animated story.

Best Documentary Feature: American Factory or Sama.

Best International Feature: Parasite, no question.

Best Original Score: Joker or 1917.

Best Original Song: Elton John’s song. It’s too hard for voters not to vote for such an iconic figure. Besides, this time Frozen II’s “Into The Unknown” wasn’t as catchy as the “Let It Go” hit from the first one.

Best Production Design: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Best Cinematography: 1917. If Roger Deakins doesn’t win for 1917, a war movie (not just a movie in a normal setting like Birdman) presented entirely in a single shot in a feat of technical impossibilities, something has gone really wrong with filmmakers.

Best Film Editing: The Irishman. Just for editing a 3 hour long movie, they deserve this title.

Best Visual Effects: 1917.

Best Costume Design: This is between Little Women or Jojo Rabbit.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Bombshell – The transformation of Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron into these two Fox journalists is just mind-blowing.

Best Sound editing: This historically goes to war movies, so I’d put my money on 1917.

Best Sound Mixing: Also 1917.

Best Animated short: Hair Love.

Best Live-Action Short Film: The Neighbor’s Window.

Best Documentary Short Subject: Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl).




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