Actor Oscar Isaac and Solid Snake
Actor Oscar Isaac and Solid Snake

Oscar Isaac is Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid

Oscar Isaac is no stranger to working in nerdy IP. The Guatemalan-American actor has showcased his range as a horny tech mogul in Ex Machina, an angsty boy scout in Star Wars, and the king of folk music geeks in Inside Llewyn Davis. Now, Sony has recruited Isaac for a new branch of nerd-dom that pairs absurdist drama and unwavering patriotism. We could only be talking about Metal Gear Solid.

Based on the popular video game franchise, Isaac will star as the series protagonist Solid Snake – the hypermasculine, battle hardened veteran with a mysterious past that single handedly raised Super Smash Bros’ ESRB rating. Yes, adding choke holds and grenade launchers to a cartoon fighting game will do that. To drastically condense the franchise’s plot, Snake’s goal is to stop the use of nuclear equipped battle mechs (Metal Gears) from falling into the wrong hands.

While Snake is often the cold, reserved type, every other supporting character is in direct contrast to our hero. There are colorful villains such as triple-agent Revolver Ocelot (later turned Liquid Ocelot), a telepath by the name of Psycho Mantis, and a Mexican master of disguise named Decoy Octopus (admittedly one of the “less cool” code names). Snake combats his adversaries by using his extensive military knowledge and sneaking up underneath cardboard boxes.

To say that the Metal Gear Saga is eclectic would be a massive understatement. Its many plot twists incorporate cold war tactics, clone body doubles, cyborg warriors, supernatural powers, and action movie clichés. It borrows from so many influences, that it truly becomes a singular work in its own right. With all these factors taken into consideration, it’s no wonder Isaac would be excited to play the role.



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