Little girl listening to pregnant mom's belly
Little girl listening to pregnant mom's belly

One Thing Not To Worry About After Giving Birth

Finally! The moment you had been waiting for the last 9 months has arrived. Your little bundle of love is here and you’re ready to leave the hospital and be home with him/her. There are many things that might worry you these days: is he going to latch well, will I be able to sleep 8 hours in a row (spoiler alert, you won’t), will I be a good mom? You’ll probably have a long list of other worries. But one thing you should never worry about is the famous “getting your body back.” First of all, what does that even mean? It’s not like my body went on vacation and left me.

But as soon as I got back on my Instagram after giving birth, I somehow got bombarded by all these ads about “postpartum-get-in-shape” methods (I know, it’s creepy). Belly bands, postpartum fitness classes, gym memberships (Equinox, your 20% discounts won’t work with me, ok?). And I started reading about this postpartum obsession.

In NY during the ’90s, there was a trend where women would schedule their c-section and liposuction simultaneously. I couldn’t believe it. But the pressure to have an amazing body after you finish giving birth is clearly no joke…but there should be no pressure at all, and this is why:

1) Sure your body might be different, but that’s a good thing! You went from having a body that might have looked good on a bikini to having a body that created a human being. I don’t have to tell you which one sounds cooler, right? So please, next time you see your stretch marks, saggy boobs and loose skin, please remember that and wear them as a badge of honor. After all, you’re a Goddess – you created life!

2) You need to recover! Girl, let me remind you: you have been through the most both exhausting and rewarding marathon of your life (it’s called “labor” for a reason). The last thing you need is to go back to the gym! In Western medicine the standard recovery time is 6 weeks for vaginal birth and 8 weeks for c-section. But in Eastern cultures, it’s about 12-18 months. I mean, you were pregnant for almost a year…it’s crazy to think you can be completely recover within weeks.

3) You’ll need those pounds to breastfeed. Your baby is going to suck the life (and milk) out of you, so you don’t want to be on a diet as it will definitely impact your ability to produce milk. Eat a lot of comfort food, and drink plenty of fluids (warm much better than cold). You need to nourish yourself.

For more tips on postpartum care, check out this episode of Get It Girl, only on LATV…



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