champagne glasses and grapes
champagne glasses and grapes

New Year’s Eve Traditions in Latino Households

It is no surprise that coronavirus is canceling New Year’s Eve celebrations as we know them, but that doesn’t mean that we have to abandon the New Year’s traditions. For many latino households, New Year’s Eve traditions for good luck include:

• Cleaning​- Yup, you read that correctly – cleaning! As unpleasant as this may sound, many individuals dedicate a great amount of time to thoroughly clean the home. In case you’re wondering, that also includes your pantry! It is believed that cleaning your house on ​or​ before New Year’s Eve will get rid of any bad vibes lingering around and welcome the New Year on fresh terms. In other words, out with the old and in with the new.

• Eat 12 grapes- ​Not a grape more, not a grape less. You will want to think about this one beforehand as you have 12 seconds to eat 12 grapes (one by one) making a wish with each grape once the clock hits midnight. Each grape represents one month of the year. Make your wishes count!

• Walking with a suitcase- Whether it be around your home or around your neighborhood, you’ll want to do this if you’d like to do some traveling in 2021!

• Holding coins- Superstition or tradition? Either way, it couldn’t hurt. You can expect good fortune in 2021 by holding coins at midnight.

• Throwing water out the window- Signifying renewal in the new year. (Safe to say that we can all benefit from this)

But the traditions don’t end there…do you find yourself in need of luck, love, or health? If so, the color of the underwear you wear on New Year’s Eve can help you achieve whatever it is that you seek in the new year. For example, if you’re looking to attract romance and passion, you’ll want to wear red. Looking to earn a raise in your career? Yellow would be the best option. Had a crappy 2020? Wear green to bring better luck.

Happy New Year!



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