New Bad Bunny Album Dropping Soon?

Alright, if you haven’t already noticed, Benito Martinez, aka Bad Bunny or El Conejo Malo  has been teasing his fans with what we believe to be indications of a new album dropping within the next few days. Are we misinterpreting his messages or are we just hopeful? If you missed these clues, let us help you get up to speed and let us know what you think.

Image result for gif bad bunnyFirst of all, Bad Bunny teases his fans late January with a tweet which states that February took a while to arrive, but it’ll be worth it… Any ideas what will make February worth the wait?  Can he be referring to the Loyal Remix song with PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake, which dropped on February 6th, or his new hot single “Ignorantes” which dropped on February 14th…or is it a new album dropping before March, as we predict? Whatever it is, February has already been a good month for Bad Bunny’s fans. 

On February 14th, Bad Bunny let it be known via Twitter that he will abandon the platform for some time, but assures us that he will return before the album is released.

As if that wasn’t enough to tease us with,  Bad Bunny tweeted “YHLQMDLG this month” which many believe will be the title of his new album. And while it is unclear what the long acronym stands for, rumors suggest that it could mean Yo Hago Lo Que Me De La Gana, which translates to “I do what I want.”

Image result for gif bad bunny

Fast forward one week later, Bad Bunny drops the biggest tease of them all- not only has he returned to Twitter and confirmed a new album coming soon- but we can also expect 20 new songs in his new album, or at least that’s what we’re hoping for.  Considering there are only a few more days left in February, we are expecting his new album release to happen real soon. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some new Bad Bunny.  What do you want to see on the new album? Let us know in the comments. 




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