Natalia Lafourcade performing live
Natalia Lafourcade performing live

Natalia Lafourcade Pays Tribute to Mexico in New Album

In her recently released album, entitled Un Canto por México, singer Natalia Lafourcade again puts her love for Mexico (her home country) on full display.

We first got to see her passion for Mexico via LATV’s LatiNation on the release of her 6th album, Hasta la Raíz.

Clearly, her love for Mexico still drives her renowned regional stylings. Lafourcade’s uncompromising desire to share pieces of her culture in her music has made her an important cultural ambassador. This authenticity has attracted a legion of loyal fans that are spread across language barriers.

She recently performed some songs off the record for her fans on Instagram. The uniquely intimate setting (her kitchen) epitomizes the cultural entry point that her music represents.

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Aquí compartiendo desde la cocina de mi casa.

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We’re looking forward to the day where we can hear her songs live and in-person again. Enjoying Natalia’s latest album? Let us know in the comments, and shout out any artists we’re sleeping on…



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