shuffle dancer
shuffle dancer

My Allergic Reaction To Shuffling (It’s Hideous) | Opinion

Since the recent combination of repetitive house music and Tik-Tok dance vids, we have unfortunately been made the victims of a hideous dance craze known as “shuffling.”

It is almost impossible to escape this dreaded dance form, as people will attempt to shuffle to anywhere, anytime and on post to most social media platforms. The majority of people who take part in this highly mainstream and common dance, are often people who pride themselves on being individuals, but all have the same dance moves.

In fact, that’s what totally irritates me about shuffling. There is no diversity in the dance. It’s always the same. Every single shuffling video I see, the people are doing pretty much the same moves, basic repeated “shuffles” of the the feet inwards, then outwards, like their squashing a bug with the ball of their feet, while thrusting their arms up and down, or side to side, in time with the beat, but with little-to-no variation. And straight up, it looks like an abomination spawn by The Riverside dance and the goofiest raver dance moves possible.

Over recent years, we have been lucky enough to be introduced to a number of controversial forms of dancing such as twerking and clowning, which, although have been the target for criticism, are often done in jest. But although I am accustomed to listening to the occasional house track, alongside many other types of dance music, and always up for a good time on the dance floor, shuffling has never figured into my or any other cool person I know’s dance move repertoire.

But shufflers insist that their dance moves are exceptionally cool, if not revolutionary. Look, I hate to be a hater, and I am so hating on shuffling right now, but if this dance really is revolutionary and cool, then this is the death of cool.

So I urge all shufflers to regain their dance floor individuality (and sense of cool), and learn another dance move. Or keep shuffling, do you. What the heck do I know anyway? I’ve been popping and locking since I was 14 – but for the love of goddess can you please find a why to change it up a bit. It’s always the same move!



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