poster of Murder in the Woods
poster of Murder in the Woods

Meet Danny Trejo! Murder in the Woods Virtual Screening Giveaway

Have you been dying to go to the movies, but the theatres haven’t opened near you yet? We’ve got your movie night covered, and we’re bringing it right to you! LATV is giving away free screenings to an exclusive virtual presentation of the film Murder in the Woods.

“Un imparable viaje de suspenso que no cesa”. – Humberto Guida, LATV

Directed by Luis Iga, the horror-thriller stars an entirely multicultural cast with actors like José Julián, Chelsea Rendon, and Danny Trejo. The film follows a group of college friends heading to a cabin secluded in the woods to party, only to find themselves entangled in the dark secrets it houses. It’s a story that promises twists, turns, and a whole bunch of scares.

To enter: make sure to be following LATV on Instagram or Facebook, and follow the instructions in the form below.

Winners will be contacted in the days leading up to the screening. In the meantime, we got to meet up with fellow cast members Jeanette Samano, Kade Wise, and Jordan Diambrini for an inside look at the film. Check it out!



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