Mr Iglesias cast all together with a 4 behind them
Mr Iglesias cast all together with a 4 behind them

Mr. Iglesias Netflix Season 3 Makes fans want More

Mr. Iglesias Starring Gabriel Iglesias, AKA fluffy, Season 4 rumors have started to swirl ever since the December 8, 2020 release on Netflix of Season 3.

As the favorite “teach” on streaming, season 3 is 5 episodes about trying to be a great teacher and mentor while dealing with the politics of the teacher’s lounge. The next season has yet to be announced, and some fans are nervous Netflix could take the ax to the series, after all Netflix has a reputation for killing off shows around season 3. What will stay the same is the Cast of Mr. Iglesias which stars Jacob Vargas as Tony Ochoa, Sherrie Shepherd as Principal Paul Madison, and Maggie Geha as Abigail Spencer as well as Cree Cicchino, Fabrizio Guido, Tucker Albrizzi and Gloria Aung.

Regardless, we’ll stay on the lookout and keep you updated if we hear any news about Mr. Iglesias season 4.





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