Stills from Hispanic Heritage themed films
Stills from Hispanic Heritage themed films

Movies to Watch during Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is here! This is year is a bit different as most group festivities are canceled, requiring people to celebrate on their own. So why not spend that time watching films created by the same people? Here are some recently released films featuring Hispanic and Latinx stories to enjoy all month long.

Bisbee ’17 (2018)

This harrowing documentary focuses on the locals of an Arizona border town that reenact the deportation of 1200 immigrant workers 100 years prior. This powerful film in the vein of “The Act of Killing” displays the deep-seeded prejudices towards migrants that remain incredibly pertinent to this day.

Where to watch: Amazon

Carmen y Lola (2018)

This love story between two gypsy women in Madrid whose relationship faces scrutiny from their families. Directed by Arantxa Echevarría, the film has been praised for discourse on the attitudes directed at LGBTQ people and the organic performances from its lead actresses.

Where to watch: HBO

Debris (Desecho 2019)

The political-minded film Debris follows a construction worker who stumbles upon a dark truth after a horrible accident occurs on site. We also got the chance to talk with the filmmakers on The Zoo about their short thriller.

Where to watch: HBO

Full Beat (2018)

The term “Full Beat” is used in the LGBTQ community to describe someone with a face full of makeup who looks stunning. This short follows a transgender youth who has to spend time with her disapproving father and his girlfriend. It also happens to star The Q Agenda’s very own Juliana Joel.

Where to watch: HBO

Habla Now (2020)

This acclaimed documentary features a variety of Latino testimonials for an in-depth look at the intersectionality of cultures in America. Director and series creator Alberto Ferreras brings together these individual stories for a more nuanced and inclusive view of Latin communities.

Where to watch: HBO

I’m No Longer Here (Ya no estoy aqui, 2019)

This charming film out of Mexico that follows a punk-styled, Cumbia-obsessed teen who becomes mixed up with a local cartel and has to migrate to the US for their own safety. The film impressed many with its depiction of the protagonist’s divided cultural belonging its under-seen music subculture.

Where to watch: Netflix

LA Originals (2020)

Filmmaker Estevan Oriol and artist Mister Cartoon made a name for themselves by exposing Chicano art to some of the biggest names in Hip Hop like Snoop Dogg and Eminem. The documentary LA Originals traces the movement they helped create that made Chicano street art an intangible part of west coast identity and pop culture at large.

Where to watch: Netflix

Long Gone By (2020)

This powerful drama follows a Nicaraguan woman facing deportation (played by Erica Muñoz) who risks everything to help her college bound daughter. and the resilience of immigrant mothers. We got the chance to speak with Erica Muñoz about the film’s own incredible journey.

Where to watch: HBO

Lorena, Light-Footed Woman (Lorena, la de pies ligeros, 2019)

Lorena Ramirez is of the Tarahumara people in Chihuahua, Mexico who are is known for being long distance runners. What separates her from standard marathon runners is that she wears her culture by competing in traditional clothes and sandals. It’s a half hour dose of inspiration rooted in cultural identity and expression.

Where to watch: Netflix

We the Animals (2018)

Centered around a Latinx family in rural New York, the film follows three boys who navigate their household instability. Their stories unfold as a visual tapestry of moments for compelling look at childhood identity an one’s sexual awakening.

Where to watch: Netflix

What the F*** Is Going On? (2019)

Coming from across the pond is this documentary which examines gender inequality in Spain and the feminist movement that’s pushing for permanent change. The film summarizes the country’s history of discrimination and the underlying causations that require fixing.

Where to watch: Netflix



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