Soccer Keeper stands ready
Soccer Keeper stands ready

MLS Players Take a Stand Against Racism

In a Juneteenth announcement, players from all over the MLS revealed the formation of the Black Players Coalition in order to combat racism in the sport. With over 70 players committed so far and the backing of the Players Association, the Coalition makes a significant first impression. Check out the statement below.

People all over the world are discovering their inner empath as demand for racial equality increases over the killings of George Floyd and many others at the hands of our nation’s police force. Younger generations have been particularly vocal for systemic change so it’s unsurprising that players, who join as young as 14, are calling for widespread change in the MLS and beyond.  Under the new coalition, helmed by Toronto FC’s Justin Morrow, players look to increase their influence and platform on issues of race.

The announcement also comes on the heels of the return of the Premier League, where players wore uniforms with “Black Lives Matter” to show solidarity with the protests.

What do you think of the Black Players Coalition of MLS? Let us know in the comments below.



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