Meteor Shower at Dawn
Meteor Shower at Dawn

Miss the Meteor Showers? Here’s What to Look for Next

Meteor showers are one of nature’s most incredible displays and something that doesn’t have to be experienced virtually. Witnessing these relatively small cosmic events can often feel serendipitous, but they don’t have to be! As long as the weather cooperates, you can plan your very own night sky watch party. The most recent meteor shower happened on August 12th, but if you fell asleep early, don’t worry! There are several upcoming opportunities to see some of outer space’s most magnificent sights.

Before dawn on August 15th, Venus will be visible next to the moon. It will appear like an extra bright star extremely close to Earth’s largest satellite.

August 1st saw the moon create a triangle formation with Jupiter and Saturn. This incredible sight is happening again on August 28th! Look out for it after sunset.

The Perseid meteor shower is an annual event that happens when the Earth orbits into the path of the remnants of comets. While the showers may have peaked on the 12th, additional Perseid meteors can be seen in the early hours in the mornings of the following week as well.

Also, don’t freak out if the sky appears empty the night of August 18th as there will be a new moon.

Check out NASA’s video detailing each event.

If you want to learn what it’s like to experience life on a space station, check out our interview below with Latino astronaut Jose Hernandez:



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