Mimi G Turned Her Hobby into a Successful Business

If you’re in need of inspiration to make your passions become your main source of income, look no further than Mimi G’s story. This Latina DIY/sewing mogul has turned her hobbies into a million-dollar business.

Mimi G, who has been sewing since she was 12 years old, is now an entrepreneur. She founded the Sew It Academy online sewing school, which has been featured all over the media for being a creative business; but also, Mimi G’s story of ‘rags to riches’ is one to look out for. 

“It started as a hobby for myself. I needed to keep myself accountable. I was working full time. I was a mommy of four little kids. I was broke and just needed an outlet so I started sewing again and that’s why I created the blog,” she told Get it Girl.

This badass Latina overcame several obstacles to get to where she’s at. Her passion for making sewing hip and accessible turned this former homeless single mother of four into a multi-millionaire, and she’s here to help others learn the craft and create their own styles.

Her born-again passion for sewing prompted her to create MimiGStyle.com.

“After about a year or so, all these people were like ‘wait, you made this, like at home?’ So I started doing YouTube videos and that blew up. So about a year after that, I quit my job to focus on this DIY aspect of teaching that I created.”

During COVID-19, Mimi G created a video with a DIY mask instruction that helped millions of people around the world to stay safe and covered. 

Mimi G’s entrepreneurial journey has not been easy, but her determination and resilience have made her unstoppable. Make sure you check out her whole interview on Get it Girl!



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