michelle poler
michelle poler

This Venezuelan Author Will Help You Face Your Fears

Have you ever thought of making a business out of your fears?

Well, this Latina boss lady turned 100 of her fears into a movement that changed her life and is changing the lives of many people around the world. 

Meet mom-to-be, Michelle Poler, a Miami-based Venezuelan motivational speaker who embarked on a journey of facing her fears five years ago. It all started with a simple social media challenge, then it became an empire with a strong social community named, “Hello Fears.” 

Poler faced 100 things in total that had previously made her panic: surfing, stand up comedy, heights, aging, water rafting… you name it, she did it – sharing step by step on YouTube and creating a community with her audience some of the most prominent fears she had for years. She even went to Israel to face her Jewish family’s deepest fears, a history they would naturally want to forget. 

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✨“A book for those with BIG dreams, and even BIGGER fears.” ✨ . That is how one person <Lindsay Ruiz> described my book on her Amazon review . I could relate SO much 😳 . I was that person! I was the fearful dreamer — hoping for things to happen to me, instead of happening to things 🤯 . If this book can motivate my younger self to conquer her fears and live her best life, trust me, it can motivate ANYONE 👊🏼 . (💞 Illustration by @paopaorosales 💞) . Reading my Amazon reviews has been my favorite way to procrastinate in the last two days 💙 . If you already started reading and are madly in love with it, my one ask is for you to leave me a 5 ⭐️ review on Amazon and GoodReads. You have NO idea the impact you could have on my book by taking a few minutes to do that 🙏🏼 . So surprised to see that we have over 130 reviews in only 3 days 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️ #thankyou . — HelloFearsBook.com — . #hellofearsbook #dreamer #courage #motivation #hellofearslaunchteam #hellofears 😬

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In 2020, Michelle had a goal to publish her book, and she did it in the middle of a pandemic. Again, full of fear of the unknown, how would she do it? Would people buy it? What about the book tour? No matter what obstacles this year threw at her, she was determined to keep facing fears and published “Hello Fears,” the book and audiobook. 

But the fears that she faced didn’t only help her. By sharing her experience, she has been inspiring others to do the same. Just attend one of her seminars (now virtual) where she makes everyone dance like nobody’s watching and start straight on with endorphins running through your body. 

As a preview to the upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re highlighting this Venezolana who is moving the needle forward and helping others face their fears every day. We know one thing is for certain, living fearlessly is overrated – embracing our fears and facing them is where it’s at, mi gente. 

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