Miami’s Pioneering Cyber-Duet Afrobeta Drops “Chancletazo”

The following story is a preview of an upcoming episode of LatiNation featuring Miami’s leading electro-alt-funk-folk duet, Afrobeta.

All Latinos know the dire reality of the dreaded “Chancleta” (or “Chancla” if you’re from the West Coast). It is the weapon of choice for any Latina mom, aunt, abuelita or any other matriarch figure when dealing with brats. It’s part of our heritage, and the underpin to our childhood traumas. So, as an homage to their Cuban roots, Afrobeta has dropped “Chancletazo,” a single off their fourth full-length album, Illusion Motel.

The Afrobeta site “invites all to enter on their fourth full-length album, “Illusion Motel.” A title initially inspired by an actual physical sign, its long-form development has rendered it symbolic, with songs and stories taking on new shapes as life and its time(line) became starkly unpredictable. Still, along the way, there was one constant to facilitate navigation – a vibrant 15-year artistic partnership between composer/producer Tony ‘Smurphio’ Laurencio and vocalist/lyricist Cuci Amador that’s landed them on some of the world’s biggest stages, with unyielding support and ecstatic anticipation over what might come next. 

Throughout Illusion Motel, Smurphio’s signature timbral tendencies are instantly identifiable; aqueous synth leads effortlessly navigate throughout rhythmic mazes of snapping & shuffling percussion, blanketed in painterly strokes of bass (this is Miami-made music, after all). Cuci’s emotive vocal & lyrical lines provide a challenging counterpoint, creating a tension too complex for standard-issue pop – a welcome sensory distortion.”

Peep the video for “Chancletazo,” directed by Biagio Musacchia:



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