Miami’s Funky Eclectic Duet Afrobeta Takes Over LatiNation

Miami’s Cuci Amador and Tony “Smurphio” Laurencio make up the innovative electronic-pop duo Afrobeta. Watch as they share their single, “Chancletazo,” discover their roots on a trip to Cuba, and expand their sonic range with their new album, “Illusion Motel.”

As we have described previously: “Smurphio’s signature timbral tendencies are instantly identifiable; aqueous synth leads effortlessly navigate throughout rhythmic mazes of snapping & shuffling percussion, blanketed in painterly strokes of bass (this is Miami-made music, after all). Cuci’s emotive vocal & lyrical lines provide a challenging counterpoint, creating a tension too complex for standard-issue pop – a welcome sensory distortion.”

Peep the entire episode of LatiNation below:



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