student engineers
student engineers

Mexican Students Invent Affordable Respirator

Students at the University of Monterrey have invented an affordable respirator that could really make a difference during this pandemic.

A traditional respirator costs about $20,000, but this one, developed by students Andrés González Ramos, Sergio Caballero Lozano, Omar Beltrán Márquez y Víctor Cárdenas Domene, would cost something between $21-$85. Big difference – not only in the price but also in the manufacturing process. This respirator can be made without a need for specialized equipment and it can work with 12-volt batteries for places where there is no electricity, like in the poorer areas of Mexico.

Hussein De la Torre, Director of the Mechanic Engineering studies department, estimates that Mexico might need 45,000 respirators, and the country contains only 5,000 at the moment.

Right now, the respirator is in the process of being patented – if it goes through, it will be tested on an artificial lung and then on a real patient.

This story is developing – check back for updates.

BTW, did you know a latina invented hand sanitizer?

Photo credit: GoBizNext

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