Israel Antonio Briseño Carmona
Israel Antonio Briseño Carmona

Mexican Student Invents Self-Healing Pavement!

A young Mexican by the name of Israel Antonio Briseño Carmona has invented self-healing roads! Thanks to this engineer, who studied at the Autonomous University of Coahuila in Mexico cracks in the road and potholes may be a thing of the past.  Just like Gabriela Leon Gutierrez Coronavirus fighting hero Latina scientist, she’s an accomplished genius making our community proud! 

His invention uses rubber recycled from old tires which regenerates and heals cracks as the material absorbs water. His new invention is called “Paflec.” The way it works is when it comes in contact with water, it becomes malleable and actually heals automatically. Briseño is currently looking to partner with a construction company to get his invention out to the roads of the world that desperately need an upgrade. Felicidades Antonio!

This is what the pavement looks like


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