Metiche News and police
Metiche News and police

Metiche News Reveals the Real Trouble on the Streets

On September 23rd, 2020, law enforcement mobilized ahead of the results from Breonna Taylor’s trial, which saw only one out of the three involved officers indicted – and the indictment was not for the actual shooting of Breonna Taylor.

There appeared to be some suspicious activity happening in DTLA, and reporter Angel Tattoos of Metiche News was on the scene to give the people an eyewitness view of the action…

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Right from the beginning, you can tell Angel is a man of integrity. He ain’t tryin’ to front for anybody with his fake Pendleton – he simply calls it like it is. Now, the reporter/actor/tattoo artist is flipping the game script on the boys in blue and we ain’t talkin’ about the Dodgers.

For those who may think this is just a funny clip you better check again, because the LA Times has numerous reports detailing the LAPD and Sheriff’s Department track record of hiring members of white supremacist gangs like the Lynwood Vikings. These gangs recruit their fellow members, harass local citizens, and even intimidate non-member officers. Sounds like it’s time to reconsider who’s deemed a thug.

Angel mentions “shooting law-abiding citizens in the back,” in reference to deaths at the hands of police officers like that of Jacob Blake (which sparked NBA players postponing the playoffs), and 18-year-old LA local Andrés Guardado. These victims of police profiling are disturbingly an all too often occurrence, with many others that tend to get swept under news headlines.

A community’s trust is a valuable commodity. You can’t say “not all cops” and continue to profile Latinos without losing said trust. We hear what you’re saying Angel, and we’re also done.

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