disney's elephant
disney's elephant

Meghan Markle Will Narrate Disney Nature’s Elephant

Meghan Markle doesn’t waste any time. The royal couple will officially step down from their duties on March 31st, and just a few days later on April 3rd, Markle will make her grand reappearance on the small screen with the release of Disney Nature’s Elephant on their streaming platform, Disney+. Elephant is a heart-warming story about a family of elephants and their journey across the Kalahari Desert in the Southern part of Africa.

I’m sure this move is causing some controversy among the Royal Family and all the yellow press in the UK, but to all the haters out there who questioned the capability of this young couple to make money on their own (as if they needed any more), this is clear proof that they don’t need no Queen to survive.

I suspect this is just the first of many film and TV roles for the soon-to-be “ex” Duchess of Sussex. Markle said in an interview that she would love to play a superhero someday – and I’m sure Marvel took note of that. So, Kate and William, be prepared to see your sister-in-law in a world premiere pretty soon…

…and until then, check out LATV’s quarantine queue:

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Photo Credit: Disney/Disney Nature



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