mayan warrior
mayan warrior

Mayan Warrior Will Be Missed at Burning Man 2020

As many of us know by now, Burning Man 2020 has officially been relocated to an online “Multiverse,” where upto 100,000 people will contribute their energy to a massive live stream of music, art, and performance. While this is definitely an awesome alternative way to celebrate, one thing will be sorely missed on the playa: Mayan Warrior.

Mayan Warrior is a collaboration comprised of various artists from California and Mexico City. These include photographers, designers, technologists, architects, and musicians. From their website: “The project’s original intent was to present to the world the incredible ascent of contemporary Mexican electronic music while paying respect to the deep and ancient sources from which that visual and auditory culture had grown.”

The structure itself moves around the playa beaming lasers and LED light shows into the crowd – the spectacle is surreal. As always, seeing is believing, so check out our very own Humberto Guida as he gets an up close and personal look at Mayan Warrior with designer and multimedia artist, Pablo Gonzalez.

Get to know the genius behind Mayan Warrior




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