Serko Fu and DJ Sonicko rap battle
Serko Fu and DJ Sonicko rap battle

Massive Spanish Freestyle Battle is About to Go Down

Forget what you saw on 8 Mile, this here is the REAL deal. The best MC’s from the Spanish-speaking world are going toe-to-toe in the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos freestlye rap competition. Competitors will deliver wordplay entirely en Español in an energy-filled event that promises bars like you’ve never heard before. If you’ve been sleeping, consider this your wake-up call cortesía del gallo.

From LA to Miami, New York to Austin, and everywhere in between – newcomers and veterans alike, including 2019’s reigning champion Yartzi of Puerto Rico, look to establish their legacy as they spit that super-hot fire.

Here’s a small taste of the kind of off-the-cuff lyricism you can expect from the world’s best, straight from the Dominican Republic finale.

The battles commence Oct. 24th at 7PM ET. You can stream it on Red Bull TV or at Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos YouTube and Facebook pages.

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