Mario Lopez To Play Colonel Sanders In Epic Lifetime Movie

I wasn’t sure this was real. I thought it was a joke. Ironically, myself and an Israeli named Moshe (a friend who chooses to contradict nearly everything I say) were just arguing about which is better fried chicken: KFC or Popeyes. So when a poster of Saved by the Bell star Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders was put up on our WhatsApp chat, I thought it was photoshopped, or maybe a new internet meme. Then I looked into it. I found a film that, from the trailer, looks to be a cult classic in the vain of Sharknado and other intentionally bad (was it intentional?) B-movies.

The film is Lifetime’s original mini-movie, A Recipe for Seduction, and it stars Mario Lopez as Colonel f***in’ Sanders of KFC lore. What the actual cluck-cluck?

The sizzling hot Lopez — coiffed with the Colonel’s unmistakable silver combover and well-groomed goatee — steams up the small screen as a saucy chef with the hots for his evil, albeit well-to-do boss’ daughter in turning up the heat with “mystery, suspense, deception, and ‘fowl’ play.” The 15-minute romance comes as a creative collaboration between KFC and Lifetime in an effort to gift consumers with the “perfect distraction” from all things 2020 this holiday season. Okay, so it’s a product integration – but it looks hella funny.

Online lovers of Lopez are eating his sexy Sanders up. But it’s the same Latina audiences that are making Selena a streaming blockbuster, who should probably be most excited. We have been asking for years to be cast in all kinds of roles. And now, a Latino is playing a white, southern Kentucky fried icon. That’s making some headway…I think. It feels right, even though it looks absolutely ridiculous. And If I wasn’t in the middle of a cleanse, I’d probably go out and get some KFC right now. Gosh darn it, they know what they’re doing.

Peep the trailer:



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